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About WOW Fitness

The squad of consultant dietitians, certified trainers, safe and caring staff who help you, and challenge you to attain your change. WOW, fitness ensures that you’ll laugh louder, smile bigger, expect higher, and be excited to have fun every single day.


Why Choose
WOW Fitness?

Getting into an active lifestyle is the way of life and at WOW fitness we believe in the power of transformation. We have an expert body transformation squad that believes in personalizing your fitness goals. It’s not about weightlifting or mirror-gazing, it’s about customized training and nutrition plans which are personalized according to your requirements.

Meet our Owner

She found out there were few fitness companies catering to women, so she decided to fill the gap by starting her own business and leverage this opportunity to help women by starting a women-only gym in Renton, Washington. What began as a hobby, has now turned into a successful business story! 

At WOW Fitness center, you will find a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts working together to achieve similar health and fitness goals. We have certified professionals that will motivate, support, and keep you accountable in your journey regardless of your previous experience with exercise.

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Meet the Founder

WOW Fitness was born from the idea that fitness for women should be freeing and fun. We believe that we can help every woman achieve her fitness goal and that's why we have a range of fitness membership plans to suit everyone's fitness goals. 


Najmo, respiratory therapist and founder of WOW Fitness, grew up as the only girl in a family of cousins who were boys. Her cousins soon became her role models and inspired her to participate in sports and physical activity. She grew up as a tomboy who believed in living a fit & healthy lifestyle and that's what gave her an early edge in the fitness industry. 

Meet our Trainers

Meet the Trainers

Our aim is to make you fall in love with leading an active lifestyle. WOW Fitness will meet your ambitious health and fitness goals. We have a team of experienced professional trainers who will help you improve your fitness levels and develop customized membership plans that will suit you best!

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Trainer: Amy 

Strong, funny, and passionate - that's Amy for you! She has graduated in nutritional sciences and is a certified trainer from the American Council on Exercise. Her goal is to spread the wealth of health, fitness, and wellness. Her mission is to want to make a positive impact on her clients and let them see real results based on evidence-based training.


Trainer: Ayesha

Ayesha will make you fall in love with Zumba. Dancing since the age of five, Ayesha has majored in ballet and modern dance. A licensed ZIN, a choreographer, an avid runner, and a health performance specialist, she wears many different hats. She works with both ends of the athlete spectrum; people who are completely new to fitness and athletes who want to improve their performance.  

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